Application expedite emergency care in Medellin

The proposal Mov 123 was chosen as the best idea of ​​Information Technology and Communications.

Up to 60 percent of the operating costs would be reduced emergency care with an application to develop entrepreneurs in Medellin. Mov 123, as the initiative is called, won a call from the Ministry of ICT.

The director of Medellin Smart City, Diego Velez, said that through the implementation citizens may request immediate attention of the ambulance or the police who are closest to the scene of the emergency.

“Mov 123 is the optimization of public service in the 123 line, both economic efficiency, because it reduces costs by nearly 60 percent; operational, because the citizen communicates directly with the service provider; and functional, because a key is access to services, “said Diego Velez.

The ICT Ministry will finance the application, which could be available to the public before the end of the year, said Diego Velez.

123 Mov The application may be downloaded for free. In the long term, other features include, in addition to the georeferencing of police patrols and ambulances, Smart City Medellin reported.