Enterdev, Certificate in ITMARK

Since April 2016, Enterdev was selected by Colciencias in the “CALL TO PROMOTE WORLD RECOGNIZED QUALITY MODELS IN THE COLOMBIAN IT INDUSTRY”, to bring ITMARK certification supported by the Tecnalia company which would be giving advice and Constant accompaniment during the 6 months that lasted the development of this certification initiated from the month of August of the same year.


ITMARK is an improvement model that evaluates the processes carried out in 3 specific areas:


  • Business Management, Led by: Diego Balbín, Commercial Director and Claudia Vélez, Financial and Administrative Director
  • Software Engineering, systems and services, by Astrid Sánchez, Project Manager
  • Security Management, led by Kevin Álvarez and Johan Álvarez, Technical survey


Based on an initial diagnosis that resulted in improvement opportunities, the company undertook to carry them out and integrate them into the internal process for improvement. It was very important that all areas were informed and willing to cooperate as it was clear that it is a great step that the company achieves by carrying out the certification.

Thanks to the accompaniment of the company Tecnalia, in January 2017, each opportunity for improvement in each of the areas to be evaluated was fulfilled.

From the 21st to the 24th of February 2017 the evaluation process was carried out, which resulted in the effort and work of all, the award of the certification to Enterdev, and in which we seek to improve every day.

If you want to know more about this certification or that other companies have been certified, check here

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