Enterdev Mov123 of ICT is winning security solution

Selected TIC idea to improve safety Medellin

The winning idea will strengthen the system of the 123 emergency line, reducing costs and optimizing processes. It will be developed with the advice of MinTIC in Medellin ViveLab

On Thursday August 27 in Medellin it was held the second forum ‘Colombia on Route Cities i’ academic year organized by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications in partnership with Forums week and was attended by Vice Minister General TIC, María Carolina Hoyos. In this event, the proposal Mov 123 was chosen as the best TIC idea to improve safety in Medellin.

The idea was selected among 68 proposals submitted during a call supported by the Ministry of ICT and the Mayor of Medellin to seek TIC solutions that contribute to improving the security of the capital of Antioquia, one of the biggest challenges facing the city as he stated by the Director of Smart City Medellin, Diego Velez.

“This is a great idea that can be applied in all the cities of Colombia. From real and using technology benefit all citizens,” said Vice Minister General ICT, María Carolina Hoyos.

“The current dynamics of cities requires greater efficiency in the use of productive resources in order to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, and the implementation of ICT systems that make up a city mejorarando sustainability and competitiveness the city, the quality of life of citizens and that Medellin was selected as one of the pioneer cities in the country adopting the model ‘City i’, ie more intelligent, innovative and inclusive in order to achieve sustainable development based on technology, “concluded the Vice Minister General ICT.

In total there will be six forums around the country and the next will be on September 17 in Pasto.