Habeas Data

ENTERDEV S.A.S, in compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 and other related rules, is responsible for the treatment of your personal data.

The personal data that ENTERDEV S.A.S requests will be used for the following purposes:

  • The development of its main corporate purpose, as a trading company that is dedicated to the development of its corporate purpose consisting of the development of applications, software factory, marketing, consulting, parameterization, computer programs and provision of computer programs.
  • The prospection of clients, the carrying out of marketing and advertising activities to publicize the products and services of the company to current and potential users and customers, and for the implementation of customer loyalty and deepening activities. Also for the elaboration, monitoring and closing of commercial proposals
  • The raising of requirements for the formulation of projects or proposals, the formulation of R & D projects and the presentation of these projects before public or private financing entities, the formulation of projects to the measure for current or potential clients, designed from Specific requests for requirements and development and in general for the management of projects approved by clients.
  • Sending project progress reports and sending newsletters to users, clients, prospects of clients, employees, third-party suppliers, contractors, providers; As well as after-sales and customer service activities.
  • The selection, bonding, performance management of functions and communications, retirement and termination of the legal relationships that ENTERDEV has with its employees, ex-employees, candidates for positions, interns, interns, among others.
  • The formalization and development of the contractual management process of products or services that ENTERDEV requires for its operation according to the current regulations, for the elaboration of RFI among others.
  • The execution of promotional activities on products and services of ENTERDEV, as well as for the execution of the projects, the management of information of progress of projects, sending of documents and merchandising.
  • The registration, processing, generation and presentation of accounting, financial and tax information, the development of activities of payment, collection, credit and portfolio management, among other activities necessary for the management of liquid resources of projects.
  • The surveillance and security of the people, goods and facilities of ENTERDEV.
  • The specific purposes for the development of our processes that you can consult here

As holder of information you have the right to know, update and rectify your personal data and to delete or revoke the authorization granted for your treatment by request sent to the email: info@enterdev.com.co

If you require more information and want to know our policy of processing personal data and the substantial changes that occur in it, see here.

If you wish to submit a query, claim or request for information related to the protection of personal data, you can enter the claim form or the consultation form available at the end of this page or communicate through the following channels of attention: Telephone (57 4 ) 444 64 86 or at Headquarters, Calle 5 Sur No 32 B – 146 Interior 175 or email: info@enterdev.com.co

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