Enterdev Agility continuos improvement

Enterdev’s product Agility® was selected to be a beneficiary of Colciencias 638 called “Locomotora de Innovación para Empresas”, which gives our organization more financial and technical resources to improve our business model, specifically its scalability by adopting a self-service solution that was initiated in 2013.

Agility allows customers to automate repetitive human tasks related to customer-service in financial- and telecommunication companies, amongst others…

This solution reduces and avoids screens and repetitive tasks for the call center advisors, reduces operational costs and stress for employees, improves the customer satisfaction, reducing the response time to inquiries and claims up to 95%, as well as improving the companies’ image.
As part of the consultancy received from Colciencias, Enterdev was accompanied by Penza Perception Labs which is specialized in consultancy, specifically in topics related to technological innovation in Medellín and the rest of the country.