Agility integrates multiple platforms in a single application, which raises the level of customer satisfaction. This is accomplished through a Front end layer being easily and intuitively used, which displays scripts and data and provides guidance to the user. It also reduces the number of screens and interactions with the end user.

Other benefits of using Agility.

-Interpret, process, make decisions and take action through its business rules engine.

-Establish connections with back end systems by means of web services, access to data bases, API’s.

-Once it is implemented, it standardizes even up to 90 % the information stored on all the platforms, while improving susbtantially the security levels.

-Process about 37,000 transactions per day.

-Speed up transaction times up to 80 %.

-Boost commercial strenght in cross-selling, resulting in succes demonstrated in an increase in sales of almost 30 %.

-Speed up collection processes and achieve performance measures of up to 25 %.