E-Knowledge base

This knowledge base is designed to allow our clients to acces knowledge, mainly for centralizing information, learning purposes and quicker service. This tool is also designed to gain and manage explicit knowledge about organizations, including articles.
The most important aspect of a knowledge base is the quality of the information quality to be managed by the client. Therefore, every article must be properly classified and the information contained in this data base must be kept up-to-date
The success of the system lies in the fact that the client or department in charge, enter well- wrtiten articles that are kept up to date. Our tool has an excellent information retrieval system (Search engine), a delicate content format and a classification structure.

The client must decide on what type of information should be captured, also, where and how it should be classified in a knowledge base; this is determined by the processes supporting the system. A robust process structure forms the backbone of any Knowledge Base.

System benefits
1- Search engine indexing.
2- Have compulsory reading documents available.
3- Rate all the articles.
4- Know the most popular articles.
5- Know the top five articles.
6- Upload all the information into the system without the assistance of any developer.
7- See changes and the history ( time and date) of the documents you have read.
8- Attach images, documents and video links.
9- Create users, user profile, articles and categories.
10. Give your opinion and make comments on every articlC.
11. Centralize all the information so that all the staff have the same data source.