Identidad Única (Unique ID)

This solution was developped to validate the the agent´s identity, generating the controls and alerts necessary to identify strategic events of an operation such as late arrivals, early dismissals and schedule adherence.

The Identidad Única solution is a module developped by our company to identify individuals, whose aim is to increase security levels in contact center operations. This solution is based on the Agility module being is the core of the solution. Furthermore, Agility is duly registered at the Superintendecy of Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Colombia (SIC), government entity which has granted the patent on this product to Enterdev.

Product features ( how it works)
– The client must set up the application on both, the Start menu and Windows Registry, so that it runs automatically.
– It does not allow use of the operating system until the validation process is fully performed (preventing other programs from starting up ).
-The individual’s validation is performed by asking three different single choice questions at random. These questions are contained in a question and answer data base allowing you to add or delete questions or answers. It also can be integrated with with other personal information data bases.
– If the agent fails to valiadate, he or she will require permission from the application administrator who has a cummulative report to identify those who have failed validation..
In case of any late arrival , when confronted with Work Flow Manager system ( WFM), it should display an alter giving notice of the event, so an authorization from the head is required to start the shift.
The system generates a report by supervisor and an agent to identify those who have been late, and allows you to know the cummulative recurrence of the month.
The validation system enables our clients to get reports on start times, breaks, count of status sense of timing, rest breaks and finish times etc.. This information can be cross-checked againts the shift data base, by loading the WFM data base.
-This tool also enables you to export the reports previously described during and at the end of the day, as well as a cummulative report of the month, showing the agents’ different status, for instance, “logged on early”, off-line”, “logged on late/punctually”. The purpose of this is to make decisions in real time and thus reduce the amount of unpercieved acesses because of each variables.
The report system will include the times an agent log off during the day during the day with its respective time.Moreover, it enables you to measure the shift length and send alerts to the staff logging out more often.
The system attaches the the agent’s updated contact information so he or she can quickly be informed about the lack of adherence.